Legerdemain and throe of the Society, annals of poignant foragers.

Science, a stream of knowledge that has been subject to intense criticism and equally appreciated from the early 15th century. Since a long time, since I have fallen in love with the beauty of the scientific way of life( a philosophy toward life which I shall discuss about), I have always had a very daunting question to which I have not found answer for- how did we come to agnize upon this marvelous knowledge of the world around us? Many have expressed on this question I have had as too philosophical, something a person can never get an answer for and so on. I agree, it is a philosophically deep question, and what angered me more than people who just shrugged to answer this question were people who answered- “Well, that is the way the world is, your question is as redundant as to ask why leaves fall or why we die, it is stupid to ask such questions”. Much opposed to what is the true meaning of the question, it is misinterpreted as though I’m asking as to why things are as they are, no, what I’m asking is that how come we are able to see the design in such detail and depth while other species or even, other being of our own species fail to see. In this post, after I want to delve deeper into this question, so as to bring some peace to my chain of thought.

“The worthwhile problems are the ones you can really solve or help solve, the ones you can really contribute something to. … No problem is too small or too trivial if we can really do something about it.” Says the famous theoretical physicist R.P. Feynman. The most fascinating thing about the science enthusiast’s mind is that they accept nothing based on just a word of mouth, the infamous act of debate sets in almost immediately when one disagrees with the other. I see this as the most requisite mentality to study sciences, to live life where one spends learning more about the world. Let me make this more clear with an example, something from my personal life- my mother and myself have been on indifference about a lot of things since when I was a child. My attitude came from extensive reading of the news paper and my mother’s from her social circle. On a Sunday, she said to me “Eat a lot vegetables, carrots especially, if you do not want big bad spectacles like I wear”, this she said because carrots were not my favorite, I always put them aside on my plate. Just days after, I read the article in the dailymail that said the misconception of carrots being the super-vegetable for the eye was a falsely led propaganda by the British during world war-2. I revealed this to her and she discredited the article. Why? Well, because our family doctor told it was nothing but a hoax, something to fill a column in a news paper, apparently. I was quick to understand that not all people were readily accepting change in my surroundings, and frankly, it was very annoying.

So, what is the the scientific way of life you ask? Its very simple, do not accept what anyone tells you, find out more, think about it, put it to experiment mentally or in physical realms and if you think it makes sense to you, then it matters no more. And thus standing upon this philosophy of life, I intend to bring many things I have learnt and known to a strong criticism and speculation. Because simply understanding something is of no use, its as good as we have sown a seed, if we intend to see a plant grow to a big tree, we have to water it, let its leaves spread and branches grow. Then, maybe one day, I might witness the huge tree, in its beauty and magnificence.


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To evaluate what I am is left to you. I have in all these years not been able to understand and reason myself out. I lead a very complicated life and my interests are considered very vague. I shall not dwell in deep about my personal life because that is irrelevant. I love physics, mathematics, philosophy, theology, metaphysics, pure mathematics and psychology. If I were ever given to define science I would say it is a grand subject which deals with all these I have stated, but neither I or you is capable to. To end, if you like the stated which every word is true, then follow my blog!

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