An year has passed, since I last wrote. Then, my reason to write was to express what was inexplicable to me. You see the problem there? It is not so difficult, I was caught in a web, slowly limping to the wall and I fell. It shattered all possible understructure in my mind. It was as if an eager traveller lost all sense for direction in an unknown land. It may be obvious upon first look that I am very enthusiastic about science, its a story of chance and perseverance. Only now do I realise after all this time that I had a rather narrow view of things, the depth of it all seemed apparent and easily absorbable, as if a sherpa looked at the foot of the Everest and thought it was scalable! In that zest I bound myself down a path with no chartered intent nor orientation. I was unbound.


Yes, I am rebound to that same road, only this time I believe I have better equipped myself. The year has given me time to climb out of that unplumbed hole and contemplate, I believe I have found a new way to reach that destination, I shall take the road again. I have spent a lot of time reflecting, it has given me a very interesting counter perspective.

¬†At this point, I feel the dire need to explain the planned construct of this rebound journey. I will be better equipped with information, I intend to make better use of resources wherever necessary to better dig into the discussion at hand. I will not try to be unbiased, I have come to the conclusion that it is almost impossible to be unbiased, but that does not imply I am bluntly rejecting other’s opinions. I value your suggestions and opinions just as much. Your company will make this journey much, much more enjoyable and enlightening. The next most important issue to address is that I mentioned I write about science. Yes, science! So I will write on science, taking into account three considerations- being a student, I will write on what I learn, study and I will try to paint a picture as I see it, as dynamic as possible. There will be things that interest me such as philosophy, while writing about it I will try to be tremendously careful to be well organised and I will not hesitate to mention the sources of my inspiration such as books, studies, papers and so on. Lastly, reviews, I intend to have posts reviewed and review many things. You may ask what I mean by review, I mean I will pellet all my opinions and slap them on this virtual piece of paper.

Here I plunge the first mark stone of this renewed rebound.