Science, the perspective of biont.

From when we are are young we study science. In schools, colleges and universities in various forms, fields and manner. I have met many people who are enthusiastic about science- scientists, mathematicians, engineers and so on. Usually I find people trying to put science to “use”, to find or facilitate something in life. I have met very few people who live life by science, the scientific line of thought, what is this you ask? Oh well, it is easy, but just a little complicated. That is what this blog is all about, 3 people who became mutually very good friends because of this philosophy of a scientific living. Science moves us, it inspires us, awes us and gives us a reason for life. In this blog, the three of us shall individually write about science in our eyes, what we conceive and our perspective contemplations. Anyone is welcome with meaningful debates, comments and views.


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